learning music
Did you ever think about the power of music? Think about the way it makes you feel and even changes […]
child tax credit
Tax time stresses everyone out. Between refunds, payments, and returns, it can get overwhelming. If you have kids, your tax […]
Going back to work after having a baby isn’t easy. You have to learn how to take care of the […]
There is magic in music. Music has the power to do so many things like influence our emotions. Music can […]
Kids love to move, so dance activities are the perfect activity to keep them occupied. Dance activities for kids also […]
Picture of front of Rock & Roll Daycare
Black History Month is celebrated across the country in February. At Rock and Roll Daycare, we are incorporating Black History […]
Communication can be difficult for parents of children who are hearing-impaired. When you consider that more than 90% of deaf […]
Music can do wonders for children both socially and academically. The impact it can have on children’s brains is worth […]
Now is the time of year that kids of all ages are hitting the beach and the pool. While there’s […]
We’ve all heard about the importance of swim lessons and seen advertisements for lessons at all ages. But, at what […]